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Born and raised in Provence, Dominique Charpentier is a french composer renowned within the modern classical world, a fast-growing musical genre including well known artists like Nils Frahm or Ólafur Arnalds.

He is a prolific composer, having already released eight albums and numerous singles and EPs. His music tends to focus on emotion and simplicity, his track L’attente being a perfect example of that, with its bewitching melody and minimalist harmony which evoke scenes from a nostalgic film, or the contemplative poesy of a beautiful landscape.

It is no wonder that alongside his solo artist career Dominique Charpentier decided to compose original soundtrack for movies. Eager to bring a fresh vision about music for picture, he chooses his collaborations with care, preferring to give priority to quality over quantity. This work ethic lead to the success of The Cakemaker, the first feature film he worked on, which was acclaimed by the critics and the audience. Winner of numerous awards at big international Cinema festivals (Israeli Film Academy Awards, Karlovy Vary etc.). The beauty of the original soundtrack was acclaimed by press reviewer specialists such as Variety or The Playlist.

Drawing his inspiration from the contemplation of Nature or the beauty of everyday life, Dominique Charpentier mainly uses the piano as means of expression. Although he is a multi-instrumentalist musician, the soft and intimate sound of the hammers skimming the strings remains at the core of his productions.

The quality of his work enabled him to sign record deals with a lot of modern classical labels like 7K! (Germany), Sonder House (U.S.A), 1631 Recordings (Sweden) or Memory Recordings (Italy), with whom he released his third piano solo album Carnet de Voyage, in 2018.

Being a very active artist, Dominique Charpentier also collaborates on a regular basis with talented composers like Klangriket (aka Fabian Rosenberg), Kyle McEvoy or Illuminine.

Now based in Hyères on the mediterranean coast, he has just finished the composition of the soundtrack for the video game "Somerville" and the debut feature film "Fly Me To The Moon" directed by Sasha Chuk. He is currently working on a new piano solo album to be released in december 2024.

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