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Here you can find some of my personal projects, mostly piano-based or piano solo tracks. My full discography as a solo artist is on my bandcamp and also available for streaming or download on Spotify and other streaming services.
L'accalmie (2024)

My new album, L'accalmie, co-composed with ambient artist Illuminine will be released on Blue Marble, on June 7th, 2024.

Get the digital album here:

"L'accalmie, which means "Lull" in French, is the perfect soundtrack for a break in the listener's day because it is made as a calm passage into inner peace. It combines the two key elements of the artists behind the project: the peaceful ambient pace of Illuminine and the positive nostalgia of Dominique Charpentier's piano. Recorded in the small studio of the french composer, it has that intimate feeling that gently invites the listener into an imaginary world far from the stress of big cities, bringing him/her somewhere in the south of France, under an olive tree, surrounded by the singing of the cicadas. You can actually hear them in the tape recordings at the end of the album, included as a reminder of the few days of July the two artists spent together working on the music in the heart of Provence. L'accalmie is not just another piano solo album, it is a statement that Art matters and can really help people to overcome the tribulations of life by sharing a deep emotional connection between two people: the artist and the listener."

Jardin de sang (2023)

A new piano solo album about family...

Go listen here:

Artwork Jardin de sang.jpg
Poussières (2022)

My sixth full lenght album, Poussières, released with my own label Modern Piano Recordings, on September 23, 2022.

The idea behind it came to me after a sad family event happened: a cousin of mine, a little boy died a few months ago, after fighting againt a serious illness. The saddest part is that his twin brother also died of the same illness a year before. I let you imagine how hard it can be for their parents...This made me think about how fragile our lives are and that sometimes we think we are so strong, invicible, like we can control everything. Well in fact I truely think that we can't control anything and that we are fragile little creatures, a small amount of Stardust indeed as this is how Life started years ago. Each track of the album contains a reflection about this philosophical idea.

Get the Vinyl or CD limited edition here:

Tipi (2021)

My fifth full lenght album, Tipi, released with my own label Modern Piano Recordings, on June 18th, 2021.

"Tipi" comes from the Dakota language and it describes the traditional home of Native Americans. This title of my new album came out to me for several reasons. First, because I imagined, composed and recorded it entirely from home while being in lockdown, in my home-studio.

Then, because this forced isolation made me realize that in this situation the human being has no other choice but to find the social connections he needs with his household members. For better or for worse. For me everything went well because I had the chance to enjoy the fulfilling presence of my baby daughter Manon (she was only a few months old at that time) and of my wife, Sara. But I know that it has been more difficult for others...depending on your situation your home can be a safe haven, or a living hell.

Lastly, "Tipi" because this album comes at a time when I finally feel comfortable with the fact that I create music from a different genre. Call it "electronic music", "electronica", "modern classical", whatever.

Anyhow I finally feel "at home" with this new musical genre which alternates between acoustic and electronic sounds, quiet contemplative moments or boisterous momentums.

"Tipi" constitutes my arrival in my new home and also an invitation to YOU, my fan, listener or simply curious, to join me in this new emotional universe. I hope this album will bring relief to people who need it.

Get the Vinyl or CD limited edition here:

Dominique_Charpentier_tipi_3000PX 2.jpg
Lueurs (2019)

This is my fourth full lenght album, released via my own label Modern Piano Recordings. This new album is based on two main concepts. First, the creative process is totally experimental as I try to reinvent myself by using new instruments like analog synthesizers, and by concentrating my work on sound textures & rhythm rather than melody. This album is also the result of an artistic collaboration with the french photographer Laurent Pistiaux. Indeed, each composition is finely inspired and entitled after a photo he took on a small island in Britany, Ushant. For some of the tracks, it works the other way around, the photo being chosen as artwork after a new piece is finished. This album is an Ode to the beauty of the everyday life and to the love of our friends and family that surrounds us. It is full of hope, and dedicated to my younger brother. Each track of the album was first released as single, in order to showcase the artistic collaboration between photography and music.

Order the limited edition CD here:

Lou Vènt (2019)

This new piano solo EP was released on June 14th 2019 on Modern Piano Recordings (the composer's label). 

Lou Vènt means “the wind” in Provençal, a variety of Occitan, a romance language spoken in Southern France, mostly in Provence, where the composer lives now. Each track of his piano solo EP was inspired and entitled after the name of a wind that blows in this area or above the Mediterranean Sea. All the pieces were composed in a very short time in order to create very simple yet catchy piano solo miniatures that are meant to draw the attention of the listener with a nice and short melodic line. This EP is an hymn to the beauty of Nature, a declaration of love to Provence and a call to protect the environment.

Order the EP here:

Or stream here:​

Chrysalide (2019)

New experimental EP. Released March 29 2019 with Memory Recordings.

The Chrysalis (“Chrysalide” in French) is the second growth’s stage of a butterfly before it becomes adult. This is exactly what this EP is: the first official release of the artist’s attempt to blend the pure sound of an acoustic piano with the evocative power of the synthesizer and other electronic instruments, in order to create an original and deeply personal musical texture. Whether he uses the piano as a classical instrument, as a drum kit or a bass, it remains the underlying theme of each composition. This new release is neither purely modern classical or electronic, but a bit of both, as the genre wasn’t a decisive aspect of the project. Instead, the composer decided to focus on the experimentation process of the musical creation to reconnect with the pure joy and fun happening behind every creative process.

Order the digital EP here:

Carnet de Voyage (2018)

My third piano solo album, Carnet de Voyage, is now available, it was released with the italian label Memory Recordings, on October 26, 2018.

You can get the Vinyl limited edition here:

Réminiscence (2018)

My second piano solo album. Released May 4, 2018. 

The concept of the album was quite simple: to create piano compositions inspired by cities I have visited or places with which I have a special relation. Each track was composed in less than two hours. It was released in both digital and physical formats (CD limited edition).

Esquisses (Experimental EP) 2017

An experimental EP : each track was created from start to finish in less than 2 hours.

Gray Skies (2018)

An orchestral rework I made in collaboration with the composer David Hollandsworth.

L'attente (EP) 2017

An experimental EP : mixing soft piano & synths.

Passages (2016)

My first piano solo album.

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